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Meycauayan Jewelry Industry Association, Inc.

Programs of MJIA

  1. Setting of Career Development Center Program
  2. OSY Scholarship Program
  3. Yearly Jewelry Design Competition Project

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Meycauayan Jewelry Industry Association, Inc.

Historical Background

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Meycauayan Jewelry Industry Association, Inc.



  1. No piracy of workers/ staff.

An act of piracy constitutes the following:

  • Hiring of workers/ staff who is not yet terminated or officially resigned from previous MJIA-member-employer.
  • Offering of higher salary/ compensation/ incentive to workers/ staff still working with MJIA-member-employer.
  • Hiring of AWOL workers/ staff not less than 2 months from the date of the last day of work from MJIA-member firm.
  • Hiring of workers/ staff who are not on leave without communicating/ clearance to present MJIA-member-employer.
  1. Always check background of workers/ staff before hiring thru bio-data, proper ID’s, calling former MJIA-member-employer.
  2. Do not accept workers without a letter of honorable dismissal from latest MJIA-member-employer.
  3. Do not accept workers without NBI/ Barangay/ Police Clearance.
  4. Do not accept workers without skills certification from Philippine Jewelry Center.
  5. All members should submit list of blacklisted workers/ staff quarterly.
  6. All members should submit list of workers/ staff quarterly.
  7. All members should give proper benefits to worker (e.g. SSS, Insurance, Pension and others).
  8. All members should pay workers according to salary scale set by the association.


  1. No piracy of customers.

An act of piracy constitutes the following:

  • Downgrading a member to attract a customer.
    • Deliberate lowering of price of specific item/s to attract customer of co-member.
  1. Do not downgrading members to customers.
  2. All members should submit list of customer with bad credit standing to the association.
  3. Members should not sell undercarat jewelries.
  4. Members should not copy the design of co-members.



  1. Member, as much as possible, should not give more than 5% gold allowance to workers.
  2. Speak highly about co-members.
  3. Do not look at co-members as competitors but allies.
  4. Give due respect, assistance and support to co-members.
  5. Respect the time of co-members by being prompt on meetings.
  6. Every member should accomplish tasks assigned to them.
  7. All members are expected to participate, support, cooperate in the plans, project, program of the association.
  8. Members should attend scheduled meetings.
  9. Members should practice confidentiality referring to consigned goods.
  10. Members should be generous in sharing of technologies.
  11. Do not subcontract your work with subcontractors with exclusive written agreement or contract with co-members.
  12. Do not sub-contract your work to workers who are on leave without consent of member-employer.


  1. Do not interfere while a co-member is transacting with a customer.
  2. Do not block co-members booth or display.
  3. Do not make comments to customer that will result to no sales of products of co-members.
  4. Members should abide with agreed price reduction.
  5. Members should abide with the rules and regulations set by the organizer of the trade and exhibit and the association.

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