ACTION PLAN

                                                                                                                           2023 to 2027
1.  OSY Scholarship ProgramTo help OSY acquire skill in making jewelryPrint and distribute flyers/leaflets about MJMTC. Social media (facebbook, messenger, and viber()More OSY enrollees in MJMTC2023-2027DOLE/ TESDA / Municipal Govt. / PPDO of Bulacan/ 4th Congressional and MJIALack of sponsorsGet fund Assistance from government and non- governmentP100,000per yearQuarterly Report
 To give chance to OSY to develop their hidden talentCoordinate with barangays . Municipal Govtt to recruit OSYThe problem of highly skilled workers will be solved Lack of funds for advertisement   
 To keep OSY away from drugsIdentify and write to prospective sponsorsMore enrollees at MJMTC Cecilia Ramos    
 To give OSY a means of livelihoodSource scholarship grant for deserving OSYMore scholars      
 To make them assets rather than liability of the countryInformation campaign to all schools in Bulacan and nearby provinces through attendance in their career daysMore jobs for OSY      
2.ISO Certification of PJCTo make PJC competitiveAttend seminar / trainings on EMS and other ISO trainingsLack of funds Cecilia Ramos and Mila ImsonLack of FundsSubmit Proposals to fund the projectP500,000Semestral Report
 To prepare PJC production for exportSeek  funding for PJC  ISO certificationEmployment of an efficient environmental management2023-2027Engr. Danilo Napalinga    
 To make campaign for conservation of the environment into consideration by development and dissemination of information on ecology, job safety and hygene at the worksiteCome up with standards & conduct information campaign to ensure compliance to government laws about the environment conservation such as waste water treatment disposal and develop affordable water treatment technology.                                                  Submit project proposal for a waste water treatment facility.                                   Availability of standards to ensure compliance with gov’t laws on the preservation of the environment.                                                                                              Availability of waste water treatment facility at PJC Cecilia Ramos, Maria Faustino and Lea Crisostomo`   
3.   Yearly Philippine Fine Jewelry Design Competition Project (PFJDC)To promote the excellence in design and craftsmanship of Philippine jewelryConduct of jewelry design competition yearly in cooperation with LGU and Philexport.                        Notre: PFJDC is the longest ruuniing Desing Comp[etition in the Philippiines conducted yearly wchich stop 2020 -2022 due to the pandemic and might resume 2023..It is in its 19 yearsrs now . More designers2023-2027Peter Zuniga                                Cecilia Ramos                 MJIA Second Generation c/o Raquel del Rosario                              Lack of interest on part of designers    Lack of dialogue between the sponsor & designerCoordinate with agencies like PDCCP, DTI, Meycauayan and Provincial Government, different schools in Metro Manila and Bulacan                      Designer should be allowed by the sponsor for a visit in their factories  and there must be a constant dialogue between them.                                       P200,000Quarterly Report
 To promote utilization of indigenous materials as component or in combination with other materials for fine jewelryPreparation of Project ProposalsMore innovative designs Philexport/ , PG  and  MGLack of fund to implement the projectSubmit Proposals to fund the project Quarterly Report
 To tap and seek the cooperation of the jewelry manufacturers in developing the advancement of the design profession that will benefit the industryPromotion of the ProjectConduct of Yearly design competition      
 To create consumer awareness and interest in purchasing locally made jewelryPromote PFJDC in  four media       
 To create existing and innovative quality jewelry that will suit the taste of domestic and international marketPromote PFJDC in different jewelry stores       
 To provide an opportunity for recognizing the students’ talent and creativeness in the development of new design concepts for fine jewelry industryTrain MJIA Second Generation in the Conduct of PFJDCMJIA Second Generation will be tap to conduct the PFJDC. 2023-2027MJIA and Second Generation of MJIA    
4.  Workers Value  Formation ProgramTo develop  “Bagong Platero Workers” (ideal/ renewed/ honest productive worker)Design values formation programs incorporating spirituality for trainers/ trainees/ workers                                                   Conduct moral value training programs for trainers/ trainees/ platerosConduct of Values formation programs                                                                                                                                                                                             Low incidence of dishonesty                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lower gold loss. MJIA/  DOLE /Municipal Govt of Meycauayan                               Lack of interest of the trainees/ trainers/ workers to participate                                         Lack of trainers Require all trainers/ trainees/ workers to attend “value formation” seminarP100,000Quarterly Report
 To ensure that production/ Administrative workers apply work ethicsIncorporate concepts of moral  values and work ethics in every training/seminars of MJMTC/MJIA                            Encourage owners to give workers Philhealth, Group Insurance, Health Cards, etc                                                                                                 Increase productivity2023-2027Cecilia Ramos and Peter ZunigaLack of funds   
  Organize “Parangal sa Oustanding Workers”  2024-2027     
5.  Skills Standardization Certification ProgramTo promote and strengthen the quality of jewelry making training and skills developmentReview and update existing skills standard                                                     Develop skills standard that is non-existence yet
Develop trade test in accordance to develop skills
Skills standards for all aspects of jewelry making finish and approved Peter Zuniga/ Mike Rodriguez / TESDA/Municipal GovtLack of cooperation between workers and shop ownersRequire member to send 3 to 5 workers each for trade testing.P  50,000Monthly Report
 To develop and implement  competency standards and assessment relevant to needs of jewelry industry and be the basis for skills training and assessmentConduct of Trade Test at PJC  Yearly iun cooperation with TE#SDASkills of Jewelry worker assessed
Trade test on all aspects of jewelry making           
Majority of workers tested and certified                                                                                                                                                                                    More funds for MJMTC                                                                      
 To train goldsmith on joing skills competion abroadResearch for requirements to participate in the international requirements                               Conduct Training sWorkers join iong  internation skills competition2023-2027Mika Rodrigez and Lea MarasiganLack of FundsLook for source of fundsP 100,000Monitoring Wuarterly
6.Lapidary Development Program of Local GemsTo tap untapped local gems (quartz, jade etc.)Identification of the location of the different gems available in the PhilippinesUtilization of untapped local gems 2023-2027Mike Rodriguez
Unskilled  trainors                                                                                                                                                                    Lack of EquipmentFund assistance from various government organizationP100,000Semi- Annual Report
 To supply the  necessary gems in the development of unique Filipino design jewelry product   MJMTC  Trainers    
 Trainer’s training on Gemstone Cutting Submit Proposals for the training on gemstone processingMore trainors on gemstone processing                                                                  
      Conduct of Training on Lapidary at PJC and Operation Lapidary of  PJC       Operatin of Papidary of PJC      
 To acquire modern lapidary equipment at PJC (long term)To submit project proposals to acquire modern lapidary equipment at PJC e.g faceting machineRehab of Lapidary Equipment acquired      
17.  Technology Modernization Program (use of CAD and CAP)To acquire new technology and training Get consultants from local and foreign Conduct Training on CAD/ and CAMIncrease level of technology2023-2027DOST and USAIDLack of fundSubmit proposal to various GO and NGOP5MSemi- Annual Report
To computerized productionComplete modern tools and equipment of PJC Development of low cost/high end jewelry products with competitive price Boy Atienza /           Peter Zuniga    
  Continuous training on CAD  Lea Marasigan and Mikle Rodriguez    
8.Joint Ventures        programEnter into joint venture arrangements with prospective partners on market access/ technology/ equity financingGet government assistance to facilitate joint ventures.Joint ventures forged with partners2023-2027DTI                  
Peter Zuniga
Armando Antonio
Raquel del Rosario                        
Lack of interest of foreign investorsImprove negotiation techniqueP100,000Semi-Annual Reports
 To penetrate the world market More Sales      
9.  Develop MJMTC as Center of ExcellenceDevelop standard curriculum on all aspects of jewelry makingDevelop and improve curriculum of MJMTC on all aspects of jewelry makingMJMTC declared Center of Excellence by TESDA  Standard Curriculum developed2023-2027Mike Rodriguez  and Cecilia Ramos, and Lea MarasiganLack of fundsSeek funding assistanceP500,000Monthly Report
 To provide jewelry industry with pool of skilled workersSeek support on technical assistance dedicated to curriculum development, trainers trainings, and MJMTC Management TrainingImprove quality of teaching / learning systems at MJMTC      
  Re- tooling of existing workforceHire local and foreign consultants c/o NMCP, CESO, BESO, SES, etc.Jewelry industry has available pool of skilled workers  Lack of fundsSolicit funding  
  Promote the course Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Jewelry Technology and Two Year Course on Jewelry Technology c/oTESDAMore enrollees and graduates of BSC-JT under CHED and Two Year Course  (under TESDA)      
  Prepare database of graduates of MJMTCDatabase of graduates of MJMTC      
10.  Technology Upgrading and Transfer Program To maintain high quality production and produce Attend global trade fairs and exhibits to know the latest technology“GLOBAL” competitiveness2023-2027Cecilia Ramos                                                              
Peter Zuniga                              DOST
Lack of fundsSponsors from GO’s; NGO’sP5MMonthly Report
    Technology upgrading and transfer for members companiesTo update members about new technologySubscribe to jewelry technology magazine More training on quality control  MJMTC Consultants                      Lack of consultantsRequest support from suppliers for consultants  
    Consultancy availmentTo develop full awareness on latest trends, design and equipmentHire local and foreign consultants  Partnership with  Common Lawyers and Accountants for MJIA Members  Peter Zuniga , Engr. Danilo Napalinga  , Mike Rodriguez                                                   and Boy bAtienza    
     Training – local and international    Continuous Re-training /upgrading  programs of existing workers especially metrologyAcquire latest machine and tools    likme 3d Printer                                                   Resume study on CAD and CAM , tool & die making                                                                       Study the technology on  manufacturing silverRe-train workers especially on metrology MJIA with the help of DTI    , DOST , and USDID                   
      Information materials subscription  Improve quality of jewelry product specially in finishing TESDA and DOST    
11. Management & Entrepreneurial ProgramTo update members with new effective & adaptable management & entrepreneurial skillsTrainer’s Training on managerial seminars & training programs                                          Training on Productivity & Quality Improvement                                          Training on quality management Become better managers / Supervisors                             More Productive workers      Better quality product2023-2027MJMTC Trainers                                                                                                                                                      DOLE                                        TESDA                                      DTI – III                                  MJIA OfficersLack of interest of members                 Lack of funds                               Lack of support from membersMandatory participation  Provide incentives to membersP200,000Monthly Report
 To keep members abreast with new marketing approach such as digital marketing Acquire management books and magazines                                              Conduct management / entrepreneurship seminars                                                 Produce training course on videos & CD’sBecome total quality management                           Higher income/ profit Peter Zuniga , Lea Crisostomo and Cecilia RamosLack of funds  Submit proposals to various GO and NGO  
12.  Marketing Plan for the Local & International  PlanTo boost export of fine jewelry   To boost local Mrket  Draft  a comprehensive marketing for the local and development PlanIncrease lcal and export sales2023-2027Cecilia Ramos/,  Mila Imson, Imelda RodriguezLack of member’s support                                                          Lack of funds  Lobbying                                                                   Conduct of forumsP100,000Semi-Annual Report
 To develop a focused marketing strategyInform various government agencies the export development plan to help in the financing of the project   Cecilia R. Ramos and  BETP   and some                             MJIA Officers    
 To identify specific market niche in order to have our own competition advantage relative to the other leading fine jewelry producers in asia Engage the services of a consultant for product development       
  Identify target market and study very well       
  Develop designs suitable to target market       
 Select MJIA members interested to export       
 To draw up and implement appropriate marketing strategies to target marketsSeek assistance from DTI for market intelligence support                                      Get assistance from DTI to look for appropriate channel to obtain market information, other than participation in trade fairsMarket Intelligence support establish      
 To promote fine jewelry as a non-traditional export in line with gov’t export promotion driveIntensified and comprehensive study of prospective markets and establishment of targets                                                                               Revive talks about selling of Phil. Jewelries to Duty Free ShopTarget market identified      
 To fully utilize the Phils abundant supply of gold        
   Promotion of Jewelry through the ff: a) Production of Industry Brochure, b) E-mail to buyer, c) Source from websites, d) Ads in  magazine, e) Articles, f Trade Missions, and g) Trade House; e) social media       
13.  Research/ Development/ Promotion of uniquely Filipino Globally Competitive Jewelry Products ProjectTo develop an excellent and distinctive jewelry design which is innate to Filipino culture and traditionSend research team to study history of Philippine Jewelry Research on material development                                     Coordinate with gemstone suppliers locally                                                            Revive the lahar gems development & adress the issue of commercialization  Promote use of indigenous materials in local design competition                                                                 Study missions to jewelry center like Iltari                                                                 Contact World Gold Council for assistance for Product developmentUnique Filipino globally competitive jewelry products using indigenous raw materials Increase domestic & international market2023-2027all MJIA Officers / DOST – III/ DOST Bulacan/ LGU / DTI-BULacan , DOST                     Lack of funding and commitment of MJIA Members                                                                                                                                                              Lack of interested designers who will specialize in the development of unique Filipino jewelry designSubmit project proposals to funding agenciesP200T yearlyQuarterly Report
  Conduct of training to MJIA Second Generation.       
  Improve in Design and Technology to capture local buyers so they do no anymore buy form other countries thereby lowering incidence of smuggling       
14. Completion/ Full Operation / Promotion of all facilities of Philippine Jewelry Center To complete PJC building construction and make available all facilities of PJC such as production facility, gem lab, library, business center, etc.Follow-up  project proposal submitted to PG of Bulacan  for the  completion of PJC.                                                              Improved set-up all the facilities at PJCPJC building finish with the following facilities: training center, library, business center, AVR Conference Rooms, production center                                                        Facilities available at PJC such as library gemlab, communication facilities, photography business center, production facility, etc.2023-2027All MJIA Officers
Lack of fundsSubmit project proposal for fund assistanceP5MQuarterly Report
 To improve roads leading to PJCLobby for improvement and construction of roads leading to PJCNew roads identified and constructed/ old roads improved      
 To promote all services and facilities of PJCPrint promotion flyers of PJC and  promote social; media iFlyers about PJC printed and distributed and promorted in the sociuasl; media      
15. Product Promotion   ProgramTo project the image of the Philippine Jewelry Industry as a source of  world class fine jewelryFormulate Policy  and guidelines in product promotion and development                                        Seek the help of commercial attache to promote jewelry product through trade missions                        Adverise that jewelry is an investment unlike gadgetsYear-long sustainable marketing and promotional campaign2023-2027Cecilia R. Ramos // Lori Hermoso / Boy Atienza / VY Domingo /LGU of of Bulacan /Lack of funds                                   Lack of marketing managerHire professional marketing manager                               Submit proposal to various GO & NGOP500,000 per yearQuarterly Accomplishment Report
 Identify production / technology services / programs needed by the jewelry industryPrepare Action Plan for continuous promotional and advertisement of all projects, programs, etc.                                         Update quarterly MJIA website               Organize/Join major local & international jewelry exhibits                                                               Promote/ feature products in Fashion Magazines, tri-media, different websites                                            Prepare promotional materials and publicize in tri-media                                                                           Seek assistance on Packaging & labelling development                                                     Maximize socila media platform in selleng productsPlan for continuous promotion of product                                             MJIA website                               Increase sales                                  More multi-media exposure      Increase interest of Filipino to buy locally produced products   Developed packaging & labelling for jewelry products      
 To help members promote and market their products in the domestic & International Market thru trade fair participationJoin jewelry trade fairs/ exhibits and exhibit organized by the government and CPJI such trade fair in Las Vegas, Hongkong, USA, Japan, etc. List of various organizers and  schedule world wide2023-2027Mila Imson and Maria Faustino DOST – Bulacan / DTI – III / BOI/ BETP / DFA                      Lack of fundsSource subsidy from various GO, NGO (local and abroad)  
 To boost the image of MJIA Disseminate information to membersList of interested members Raquel del Rosario and Lea MarasiganLack of members’ interestInformation Dissemination  
 To gain worldwide acceptance and create market nicheList names of members who are interested to join exhibit and trade fairsBrochures available  Armando Antonio                 Filolette Domingo    
  Develop Firm-Level Website                              Submit proposals to concern agencies on website development Brochures available                 Information dissemination              Firm-level website develop      
  Write to various organizers of trade fairs /exhibits of  interests to joinContinues communication with organizers      
  Join trade fairs/ exhibitsMore sales      
  Include members in directory of various trade magazinesExposure to international and domestic market      
  Organize / participate in 2-3  trade fairs yearly       
  Join International show end  a year       
  Solicit Assistance of Embassies/ commercial attaches abroad for trade shows and sale of jewelry product       
     To help members solve problem on high cost of marketing & promotionSubmit project proposals to fund participation in trade fairs local and internationalTrade Fair participation subsidize LGU of Bulacan and DTINo agency to fundOutsource funds for marketing & promotion  
      To help members gain sufficient information on market trends and requirements of international marketConduct  trends briefing yearlyMembers brief on latest trend      
  Talk to DOT to  include  trade fair and exhibits of  Phil. Jewelry Products  in international convention       
16. Participation in local and International Skills competition Program To develop the skills, design, and manufacturing techniques of the Filipino craftsmanshipDesign intra-association skills design competition                                                 Recruit and train participants to represent MJIA to global competitionDevelopment of potential winners for regional, national, international competition2023-2027 MJMTC Trainers                                  TESDALack of Interest from ParticipantsIncrease Prize                                    Publisize winners to  spur interestP300,000Quarterly Accomplishment Report
 To promote  Filipino craftsmanshipDeveloped  winners competence in regional, national and international Skills Olympics Participation in Skills Olympics (local & international) Mike Rodriguez    
 To develop awareness for further development and enhancementLink up w/ TESDA Skills Olympic Bodies and other organization       
 To get trainers to train participants Get trainers to train participants        
 To join global competitionJoin global competition (local first and then international)       
17. Maintenance of MJIAS Website and other Social MediaTo increase sales of each memberInform members of the production of a world -class promotional materialIncrease in sales of the jewelry industry as a whole 2023-2027Raquel del Rosario
  VY Domingto
Lack of funds.Submit project proposal to various GO & NGOP500,000Monthly Accomplishment Report
 To facilitate buying decisionAsk members to produce products for the promotional materialWorld -class promotional material      
  Photography of jewelry product   Cecilia Ramos     
  Production of world class promotional materialsPromotional material Fiollete Domingo    
18. Promote of Meycauayan as the Center of fine jewelry industry in the PhilippinesTo gain worldwide acceptance that Meycauayan is a source of world class jewelry products                                  To promote Meycauayan as center of Fine Jewelry of the PhilippinesTie-up with DOT to include jewelry as one of the tourist attraction in Meycauayan
Promote in website
Increase no. of tourist/visitors
Increase sales
Meycauayan known nationwide and worldwide as jewelry center of the Philippines
PJC is a tourist destination
2023-2027 MG of Meycauayan / TESDA / DOLE/PIA
DOST – Bulacan / DTI- Bulacan PHILEXPORT
Lack of member’s support                                             Lack of financesGet sponsors (e.g. suppliers)P100,000 yearlyMonthly Report of Chairman of Project
 To promote Meycauayan as a source of all materials needed by a jewelry manufacturerSponsor Beauty Contest                                                             Tri-media exposureMeyc promoted as source of  World Class Fine Jewelry All MJIA Officers  Get a good deal from promoter of Beauty Contest  
19. Conduct of yearly forum cum Trade Fairs & ExhibitTo enhance the image of MJIA as a leader in the jewelry industryHosting / joining of a yearly convention                       Cvonduct of Tyrade Fairs  eg  CongressIncreased public awareness that the MJIA is a quality oriented organization and a reputable, capable and respectable industry leader                                              Convention every year 2023-2027Cecilia R. Ramos
/ Meycauayan Municipal Govt/ DTI 
Lack of fundsSubmit proposal to vatious GO & NGOP500,000Monthly Accomplishment Report
  Organize Jewelry Trade Fairs & Exhibits at least once a year Trade exhibits at least once a year CPJILack of cooperation from the other jewelry association   
20. Product Inquiry Dissemination ProgramTo help members meet more buyersListing of MJIA in various trade directoriesExposure to domestic and international market 2023-2027Engr.Danilo NapalingaLack of PersonnelRecruit Part time staff or OJT trainees from SchoolsP50,000Semi-Annual Report
    Prepare data base of  inquires    More sales      
 Disseminate thru news letters/e-mail       
 Trade magazine subscription       
21. Establishment of Consultancy ServicesTo provide the following services: a) Accounting services, b) Legal services, c) Loan processing, d) License & permits processing, e) Communication (letter writing, etc.), f) Jewelry appraising, g) Assaying & hall marking services, h) Product design services, i) Project proposal/ feasibility studies preparation j) Export and import assistance services, k) Credit & collection services, l) Jewelry making technology, m) Organization development and management consultancy (ex. work improvement, productivity ) and n) Setting up of E commerce Network Business Software Application Service (for Marketing, accounting, payroll service, security etc.Identify pool of consultants                                         Allot space at PJC                                                    Staffing                                                                                    Operations of the different services                         Prepare Schedule of fees                                                                   Tap a collection Agency for collection of bad debts, revive the link with CIBI Information which  has the technical expertise and experience in data processing and management and has the primary thrust of providing reliable business information and services to its clients through the application of information technologyA complete consultancy service to members2023-2027    Cecilia Ramos  and MJIA officers                                                                                          Lack of qualified consultantsTie up with consultantsP200,000 Initial fundMonthly Report
  Activate communication with CIBI INFORMATION, INC.has the technical expertise and experience in data processing and management and has the primary thrust of providing reliable business information and services to its clients through the application of information technology       
22. Membership Growth and Development Program: 1) RAG Resolution members 65 yr.. old are exempted from dues but has to recruit one qualified prospective member, and 2) Members with 15 years membership are exempted from dues but has to recruit one qualified prospective memberTo further activate current membersGenerate industry data of jewellers in Meyc     Availability of industry data of registered and unregistered  jewelry firms2017-2021All officers Lack of interest from non- membersMedia campaign on services offered by MJIAP20,000Monthly Report
To reactivate inactive membersBody-body system                                                       More fellowship activities5% membership growth a year Nene del Rosario                                                                                                                                                   Lack of cooperation from membersPromote benefits that members of MJIA enjoy  
To recruit more membersInvolvement in productive activities  Araceli Sarabia    
 House to house visit  Boy Atienza    
 Members in several activitiesActivated & motivated members      
 Constant communication with inactive members (through letters and newsletters)        
 Membership analysis (cause of inactivity -individual or association)  Maria Faustino and Lea Crisotomo    
 Prepare action plan  for recommendation base on the analysis       
 Set membership standards and criteria       
 Information campaign for non-members/ newsletter       
 Make a list of qualified prospective members and invite them       
 Adapt RAG Resolution        
 Require all members to recruit one or more qualified members       
 Awards for outstanding members and officers       
 Set-up MJIA Database Management System (List of Members, suppliers, swindlers, blacklisted workers program, projects, etc.       
 invite relevant speakers for every general membership meetings       
23. Maintenance of MJIA Website + all  social media networks / Yahoo Group for MJIA MembersTo disseminate various information to membersLink Members to MJIA WebsiteUpdated MJIA Website/ Yahoo Group to MJIA2023-2027Cecilia Ramos                                          Engr. Danilo Napalinga and VY DomingoLack of fundsSolicit Ads from  SuppliersP50,000 per yearMonthly Report
 To develop rapport among members Request information materials/ news from members         
  Source funding       
  Update Website every six months 2023-2027     
24.  Intensify Linkages with Financial Institution ProgramTo identify the various financial institution who give loan assistance to jewelry entrepreneurs with low interestMake research who  are the financial institution providing assistanceData listings of the financial institutions2023-2027CDA / DTI – III / PPDO of BulacanDifficulty in processing the requirements needed Media campaign of services of MJIAP50,0000Monthly Report
 To disseminate various packages of financial institution to members Send the information to the members Availment of members of different Financial Institution Services DTIHigh interest rateDialogue with financial institutions  
 To coordinate the establishment of linkagesIntroduce MJIA to several financial institution  Lea Crisostomo
Antonio Atienza
25. Intensify Fund Source Program To develop fund raising activitiesCreate a fund raising committeeFund raising plan and implementation2023-2027Raquel Del Rosario and Mark DayritLack of support of members to raise fundsRequire all members to support all fund raising activitiesP10,000Monthly Report or when needed
 To implement the activities of MJIACommittee prepares fund raising planFund raising activities      
 To fund various projects/ program of MJIAPresent the plan to members for approval and support  Boy Atienza    
  Implement the plan       
  Tap funding agencies like LGU, Embassies, and other NGO       
26.Continued Operation of Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MJIMPCI)              To help members to have an additional capital at a low rate of interest and no collateral but equityContinous operation of MJIMPCIOperation of MJIMPCI2023-2027Board of directors under MJIMPCI/ CDASourcing of Capital fundsFund assistance from banksP5MAnnual Report
 To meet volume orders   Lea Crisosotomo    
 To buy materials in bulk which will result to lower cost of materials and supplies        
 To standardize quality of raw materialsContinous improvement of operational procedure and systems         
 To get more membersPromotion of the cooperatives services as meeting  volume orders, bulk buying /selling standard raw materials       
 To generate funds        
27. Continous Active membership at the Confederation of Philippine Jewellers To be involved in all activities of CPJIUnification of all jewelers all the Philippines2023-2027BOI-BETPLack of Interst in the leadership of the  ConfederationMJIA to lead the Confederatio Note : MJIA organized the Com=nfederation Quarterly Report
  To take very active role in  CPJI       
 To play an active role to have a “voice and rallying/ lobbying force in all issues affecting the industryTo continue being an active leader of CPJIFormation of a single voice /force of the Philippine Fine Jewelry Industry- Confederation of Philippine Jewellers All jewelry Industry Assn.Financial problemsConduct of fund raising activities / projects  
 To share technologies MJIA as one of the outstanding member of CPJI      
 To integrate services        
28. Dissemination of  RA 8502 and its IRR and policy advocacy for its tedious implementationTo disseminate and explain IRR to MJIA Members and non-membersSource fund for the project                   Conduct of ForumsIRR fully grasped by MJIA and non-member2023-2027Cecilia Ramos  PeterZuniga  LGU  of Bulacan , and BOINon-cooperation of target participantsGive incentivesP10,000Quarterly Report
Tedious documentation on the process / requirements for the accreditation of jewellers under RA 8502Establish task force on the implementation of RA 8502                                                                           Actively participate in the conduct of dialogues with concern GO (BOI,BOC,BIR)Simplified procedure on RA 8502 accrediting at least 50% of MJIA members                                                                       More MJIA members accredited  Hardship in the applicatio to RA 8502 as specified by BOCTalk to BOC to assign a person to help jewellers apply to accreditation to RA 8502  
  Entice and assist members to apply for accreditation to RA 8502       
  Get a staff to assist members to apply for accreditation to RA 8502.. This might unify the members more and be more active.       
29. Advocacy Program on relevant PoliciesTo take active participation in various GO formulation of policies affecting jewelry industryAttend all invitations to hearings & forums and meetings affecting jewelry industry                                                          Lobby to the government to minimize smuggling of finished products by courageously reporting private sales in embassies and hotelsMJIA is recognized as active leader2023-2027All MJIA Officers /  PHILEXPORTLack of time Assignment of MJIA Officers to various GOs Quarterly Report
  Work toward a better system in buying precious metal w/ CB       
  Rights of worker and owners equalize       
 Improvement of Jewelry Business EnvironmentImprovement of jewelry business environment       
30. Enhance strong partnership with all government organizationsTo take active participation in various GO formulation of policies affecting jewelry industryConstant communication /dialogue with all GO partnersStronger partnership built between jewelry industry players and various GO2023-2027All MJIA Officers / All GO  , NGO and Stakeholders                                                         Lack of time Assignment of MJIA Officers to various Gos. NGOs , and Stake holders Quarterly Report
  Conduct of yearly Forums with the GO, NGO . Stakeholders   Flourishing jewelry business