Mission Vision & Goal


Being a strong, cohesive, and unified organizational with active, capable, satisfied membership and as the leader of the jewelry industry in the Philippines, we envision: to provide full range of the world class training in jewelry making; to be the pioneer of latest jewelry technology in the Philippines; to be one of the leading producers of fine jewelry in Asian producing products inspired by Philippine culture and tradition and making use of indigenous materials; advocate for an environment conductive to the development of Philippine Fine Jewelry; and be an active and constant partner of the government in building a strong industrialized national economy with a strong commitment to principles and practices of universally accepted human values and sustainable development.


The MJIA a strong and unified association is committed:

l To contribute in the upliftment of the economic condition of the Filipino people through generation of employment in the manpower-intensive jewelry industry.

l To serve as the “voice” of the jewelry sector in matters of “global” issues, assist the government in the development and implementation of the Philippine National Standards on Jewelry, develop skills standards, trade test and certifications, and serve as the center of jewelry technology in the Philippines.

l To provide services to its member-companies in the area of skills upgrading, technology transfer, management and entrepreneurial skills development agencies.


l To accomplish its mission and reach its visions, MJIA aims to unify and board strongly all producers and traders involved in jewelry business; to encourage them to work collectively towards developing the sector into a major export industry: working closely with government and private sector into a major export industry: working closely with government and private sector to put in place all structures and reforms needed to accelerate the growth of the Philippine jewelry industry.

l To upgrade technology and production facilities competitive with the world market.

l To imbibe the values and virtues of high level entrepreneurship and of good labor relation for both management and workers in order to create harmony and commitment in pursuing development goals of the jewelry industry.

l To push reforms in the government like taxes and duties and to allow the industry to move freely and prudently until it becomes competitive in the world market.

l To manage a common service facility for the jewelry sector which will be known as the Philippine Jewelry Center (PJC) which will have the following facilities:

Jewelry Training School

Gold Refining, Assaying and Hall Marking

Common Service facility for Production


Business Center especially for jewellers


Research and Development