Programs of MJIA

  1. Setting of Career Development Center Program
  2. OSY Scholarship Program
  3. Yearly Jewelry Design Competition Project
  4. Workers Value Formation Program
  5. Skill Standardization and Certification Program: (Trade Testing Program)
  6. Hallmarking and Assaying Program
  7. Development of an Information Dissemination Plan of Philippine National Standard on Jewelry Program
  8. Lapidary Development Program of Local Gems
  9. Technology Modernization Program (use of CAD and CAP)
  10. Joint ventures with Foreign Company Program
  11. Develop MJMTC as Center of Excellence
  12. Seek Technical Assistance to Maximize use of Tools, Machineries and Equipments at Philippine Jewelry Center
  13. Project on Preparation of Directory of Suppliers
  14. Skilled Workers Pool Program
  15. Technology Upgrading and Transfer Program
  16. Technology transfer and upgrading of members
  17. Consultancy availment
  18. Training local and international
  19. Information materials subscription
  20. Management and Entrepreneurial Program
  21. Export Potential Development Program
  22. Promotion of uniquely Filipino and globally competitive jewelry products Project
  23. Continuous operation of Philippine Jewelry Center
  24. Product promotion through Exhibit and Trade Fairs Program(domestic & international
  25. Participation in local and international skills competition
  • Continuous improvement of  MJIA website
  • Advertising and promotion campaign program through various media
  • Organization of seminars, trade exhibits, conferences, etc.
  • Setting up of a business center project
  • Product inquiry dissemination programs
  • Establishment of consultancy services project
  • Membership Growth and Development Program
  • Publication of Newsletter
  • Linkages with financial institution program
  • Fund Source Program
  • Continuous operation of Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MJIMPCI)
  • Loan Assistance Programs for Members
  • Formation of the Confederation of Philippine Jewellers
  • Continuous Lobbying for full deregulation of Jewelry Industry