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Project Title                     :     MeycauayanJewelryMakingTrainingCenter (MJMTC)

Managed By                    :     Meycauayan Jewelry Industry Association, Inc. (MJIA)

Cooperators                     :     Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)

Department of Science and Technology (DOST)

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

Fourth Congressional District of Bulacan

Provincial Government of Bulacan

Municipal Government of Meycauayan

TESDA Accreditation No.   R030502105 expiry date: March 15, 2006

Trade testing Center for Jewelry Maker/ Stone Setter Engraver)          

TVET Program Registration No.:   NTR0603032001 issued last January 3, 2006

SEC Registration No.     :     CN 200507907 dated May 9, 2005

TIN No.                            :     242-611 -697-000

SSS ID No.                       :     03-9067117-8 covered January 4, 2006

Office Address                 :     Philippine Jewelry Center

Provincial Sports Complex

Pandayan, Meycauayan, Bulacan

Telephone Numbers        :     (+63) 44 228-2840

Email Address                  :    mjia85@yahoo.com.ph

Contact Person                 :    Mrs. Cecilia R. Ramos


Initial Project Cost           :    P 490,721.75

Department of Trade & Industry                       P 318,721.75

Provincial Government of Bulacan                          72,000.00

Meycauayan JewelryInd., Ass, Inc.                      100,000.00

Date Launched          :           January 12, 1990

Date Inaugurated      :           February 24, 1990

Date First Class Started:      March 5, 1990

Total No. of Graduates as of December 2002  :     2,051

Management & Organization:

The Management Board of the Meycauayan Jewelry Making Training Center (MJMTC) manages and supervises the operation of the training center.  The Board is composed of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Provincial Board of Bulacan, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Science and Technology (DOST), and Meycauayan Jewelry Industry Association and MeycauayanJewelryMakingTrainingCenter. The main responsibility of the said Board is to create policies and procedures necessary for the operation of the center.

There are various committees that are augmenting the operations.  They are as follows: Committee on Procurement of Tools and Equipment; Committee on Supervision: Committee on Curriculum; Committee on Placement & Recruitment of Sponsors. The training center is manned by competent trainors in imparting their knowledge, skills and talents to the students / trainees in a personalized basis.  The student / trainee is taught with hands-on approach supported by lectures. The administration is also manned by competent office staff in handling the day-to-day operations of the center.

Total No. of Pool of Trainers     :     4 (present trainers) and 19 (reserved trainers)

Total No. of Assessors                 :     18

Foreign Consultants                    :     Mr. Don Spratling

Canadian Export Volunteer Services Organization

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Reijmers

Netherlands Management Cooperation Program

Mr. Murat Yuceer

Turkey’s Embassy


To be the best training center in the Philippines with world-class trainers producing world-class workers for the Philippine Fine Jewelry Industry.


To develop manpower resources for the Philippine Fine Jewelry Industry who are world class jewelry craftsmen ingrained within their being the value of service and quality toward customer satisfaction and who value life above all things knowing well their role and task (according to the grand design of the natural law where an individual’s every course of action emanates).


  • To develop manpower resources for the Philippine fine jewelry industry by its personalized training methods in imparting jewelry making technology as well as by instilling proper moral values and work attitudes.
  • To provide additional sources of livelihood and income to the youth to become gainfully employed productive citizens.
  • To make available to the fine jewelry industry a pool of qualified talented and skilled craftsman.
  • To update the skills of jewelry craftsman to become world class worker.

We at MeycauayanJewelryMakingTrainingCenter are committed to become one of the nation’s most successful jewelry training center by adhering to the following values:

Commitment to Excellence

We choose to excel in every aspect of jewelry technology transfer by continuously searching for the best always finding ways to improve what has already been achieved.

Commitment to Service

We choose to serve everyone who is willing to learn about jewelry making especially the youth and in particular the out-of-school youth and out-of-job Filipinos.

Trust and Respect for the Individual

Nothing to us the most valuable than our people and the students/ trainees of the training center.  We believe in demonstrating respect by building in every individual his identity, to be responsible about himself and his actions, bringing about his self-respect and dignity.

Growth and Social Equity

Prosperity is almost always an individual’s quest but such objective must be achieved never at the expense of an individual or the degradation of the environment, for social class levels are only created by man never has been in the natural order of things.



-          The first jewelry training center in the Philippines.

-          Only CSF left in Bulacan that has been active that has reached growth and development among others CSF’s in Region III.

-          Awarded as the outstanding Kabisig Project for Region III given last June 11, 1991 at Philippine International Convention Center.

-          Declared as Center of Excellence by TESDA.

-          The first accredited trade-testing center of fine jewelry in the Philippines.

-          The only fine jewelry center that has the most complete jewelry tools, equipments and machineries

-          The only training center that has been running since year 2000 up to present manage by an NGO
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