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1. Representation with Government

MJIA is very much concerned with promoting and protecting the interest of the jewelry sector, and is recognized as a “potent voice of the jewelry industry.” As such, business concerns, issues and problems are brought to the attention of government for appropriate action. MJIA leaders are regularly sought by the country’s leaders on issues, discussions and consultations on matters affecting the jewelry industry. As a recognized representative of the jewelry industry, the MJIA is represented in a number of government bodies tasked with policy formulation and implementation

2. Business Referral / Business Opportunities

MJIA receives various inquiries from NGOs, GOs and Private Sectors both locally and internationally. These inquiries are in turn disseminated to members which are very helpful when they are looking for buyers and suppliers, both local and international.

3. Listing in Different Directories

MJIA Directory, which contains profiles of members of MJIA, is distributed to relevant government agencies for linkages. MJIA members are also listed in various trade directories to help members meet more buyers.

4. Access To Local And International 

Business Information And Statistics Specially Those Of The Jewelry Business

The MJIA Library has the most complete information and statistics whether local or international on market and product profiles, foreign business and trade directories, statistics and economic indicators, country profiles, local and international trade fairs, government regulations, etc. specially those of the jewelry industry

5. Opportunity To Meet And Do Business 

With Local & Foreign Businessmen Directly & Indirectly Involved In The Jewelry Business

MJIA regularly receives local and foreign businessmen and trade missions coming to Meycauayan. Depending on the area of interest of these visiting businessmen, the MJIA is able to identify members meeting the requirements of the mission.

6. Business Promotion Through 

Trade Missions/ Trade Exhibits & Fairs

MJIA participates/ organizes trade missions, sends participants in trade fairs and exhibits (local and international) to boost the image of Meycauayan Jewelry as a world class product and to help members promote and market their products.

7. Business Information/Updates At Your Fingertips

Through MJIA’s letter, publications, and circulars, members are kept informed with updates on new trade policies, business opportunities, new technology, new equipments, trade fairs, etc. concerning the jewelry sector

8. Opportunity To Serve In Committees

Membership in MJIA Committees keeps you in direct contact with other people, gives you a unique hands-on experience in making things move and happen and gives you an opportunity to participate in MJIA various programs and projects like: Setting of Career Development Center; OSY Scholarship Program; Jewelry Design /R and D/ contest/ training program; Workers Value Formation Program; Skills Standardization and Certification Program; Trade Testing Program; Hall Marking and Assaying Program; Development of an implementation plan of Philippine National Standard on Jewelry Program; Lapidary Development Program of Local Gems; Modernization Program (use of CAD and CAP); Joint Ventures with Foreign Company Program; Research Development and Promotion of Unique Filipino and Globally Competitive Jewelry Products; Skilled Workers Pool Program; Technology Upgrading and Transfer Program; Management and Entrepreneurial Program; Export Potential Development Program; Operation of Philippine Jewelry Center; organization of seminars, trade exhibits, conferences, etc.; Setting-up of a business center project; Membership Growth and Development Program; linkages with financial institution program; Fund Source Program; Full operation of Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MJIMPCI) and; Continuous Lobbying for full deregulation of Jewelry Industry.

9. Business And Resource Development 

Through Access To Consultancy Services

As part of the MJIA’s continuing commitment to serve the jewelry sector, MJIA offers Consultancy Service on the following: accounting service, legal service, loan processing, license and permits processing, communication, jewelry appraising, product design services, assaying and hall marking services, project proposal/ feasibility studies preparation, export and import assistance services, credit and collection services and jewelry making technology

10. Endorsement For Accreditation 

To Avail Of Incentives And Benefits Under R.A. 8502Before any jewelry enterprises can avail of the benefits and incentives under Republic Act # 8502 known as “Jewelry Industry Development Act of 1998”, one of the qualifications is that it should be endorsed by a duly recognized jewelry association, accredited by BOI, wherein it is a member of good standing. MJIA is a jewelry association accredited by BOI and therefore can endorse its members for accreditation