Strategy Matrix of Vision and Mission



Key Result



Relation to

Production and Technology



Policy Advocacy


1.      OSY Scholarship Program

2.      ISO Certification of PJC

12. Marketing Program for the local and international   

     Market (Digital Marketing)

13.Research / Development / Promotion Plan of Uniquely          

     Filipino and Globally Competitive Jewelry Products


27.Continuous /Active Membership at the Confederation Philippine Jewellers, Inc. and other Assn.


3.      Yearly Philippine Fine Jewelry Design Competition Project

4.      Workers Value Formation Program

5.      Skill Standardization Certification Program

6.      Lapidary Development Program of Local Gems

7.      Technology Modernization Program (use of CAD and CAM)

8.      Joint Ventures Program

9.      Develop MJMTC as Center of Excellence

14.Completion, Full Operation and Promotion, of all

     facilities of Philippine Jewelry Center

15.Product Promotion Program (Jewelry is an Investment )

16.Participation in Local and International Skills

    Competition Program

17. Maintenance of MJIA Website and other Social Media

18.Promote Meycauayan as the Center of Fine Jewelry

    in the Philippines

19. Continuous conduct of Philippine Jewelry Design         Competition( Longest Running Design Competition in the Phil.

24.Intensify Linkages with Financial Institution Program

25.Intensify  Fund Source Program

28. Dissemination of RA 8502 and its IRR and policy advocacy for its tedious implementation

29.  Advocacy Program on relevant Policies

30.`Enhance strong partnership with all government organizations


10.   Technology Upgrading and Transfer Program

11.   Management and Entrepreneurial Program

20.Product Inquiry Dissemination Program

21. Establishment of Consultancy Services Project

22.Membership Growth and Development Program

23.Maintenance of MJIA Website/Yahoo Group for MJIA Members

26.Continued Operation of Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MJIMPCI)

In order to achieve MJIA vision, mission & objectives, a package of strategies have been formulated by MJIA. These strategies were derived based on SWOT

Analysis and were designed to a) reinforce the strengths and correct the weaknesses of the industry b) exploit opportunities and neutralize threats in the environment